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Tamika Richards

(everyone calls her Miablondi)

Our Story

As a young girl fashion played an integral role in her life and was a beacon to her upbringing. Her magazine clippings and scrap booking as always motivated her to live life full. She likes tosay Fashion made her a visionary
“Fashion help me truly understand the concept that everyone was built differently and all we needed was confidence.”
Adult years rolled by and after her first child she wasn’t too kind to herself, fitting rooms hauls were not as pleasant as they used to be, so she made Fashion her transformation story and started her fitness journey . "
"Whoelse as ever lost a lbs or 2 all because of the fit or the swim."
Becoming the woman of her dreams in every way has always been a burning desire, after migrating from the Montego Bay ,Jamaica to the USA and leaving her son and entire family behind, she was strong on making those dreams a reality. So she enrolled in Nursing School and as she worked her way to graduation she was diagnose with Lupus and felt completly burned out. Her will to make it was not matching up to her financial resources. So She took a sabbtical from Nursing.
Miablondi as always dreamed of starting a clothing brand that makes woman feel empowered , you see Fashion was always her light in dark days example it was on her brokest days that she would win best dressed just for her supermarket run. or like that one time " I remember putting on my pinstripe puff sleeve dress from Fashionnova after I was so drepressed after quitting my Nursing dream and I went to a Herbalife Seminar,I got so many compliments. I even got a guy phone number that day," she laughs. Its was at this point She came across the insight Fashion will be her comeback story.

A closer look

Miablondi Shop was created in 2020 on the premise,Fashion can directly affects our moods
attitudes and confidence so her brand cares about how women feel from the inside out. Things
are forever changing so her brand helps woman navigate through this emotional world. On
days when you just wanna be someone else her brand will help woman escape their current
reality. On days when you need to loose a few pounds she wants her brand to be apart of that
transformation stories and after the failures her brand to highlight those come back stories.
Miablondi will let you feel full with confidence and feelings of luxury on those days when all you
got left is that grocery money so "Be the best in the dress."

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What our customers say!

Andrea C.

Exceptional quality, style, and customer service. Miablondi Shop is my go-to for fashionable and sustainable apparel. 5 stars!

Charline B.

"I recently had the pleasure of shopping at Miablondi Shop, and I am beyond impressed with my experience. From the moment I placed my order to the arrival of my apparel, everything was flawless."

t. b.

"The lace is thin, and melted on my head like butter."

lori b.

"Girl I love my dress, love, love, love it! This is the best dress that I have ever purchased 10 out of 10 and can't to buy again-fast shipping too!!!"

Discover unique, and fashionably foward
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Miablondi Bouitique is an online fashion store for taste-makers and trend-breakers all over the country. When it comes to online shopping for women looking for the latest fashion trends, it is the one-stop destination.